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Ubud real estate for sale

Cozy charming villa for sale, located in a small complex with management. A 1 bedroom villa with views overlooking the surrounding rice fields. A perfect residential home or commercial rental villa, located on a short drive from Ubud.

Location Lodtunduh / Ubud
Ownership title Leasehold (2039)            
Land size 260 sqm
Bedrooms 1+
Price 255.000 USD

Ubud guesthouse for sale with 6 bedrooms

Snuggled between the river and the rice fields, this guesthouse offers a quiet haven away from the hustle & bustle of central Ubud. Home to two hotel rooms and five private residences, large swimming pool and gazebo.

Location Penestanan / Ubud
Ownership title Freehold            
Land size 1.600 sqm
Bedrooms 7
Price 250.000 EUR

Lodtunduh 2 bedroom villa for sale including rental license

2 Bedroom villa for sale in a small villa complex. Views over the rice fields and mountains. Management and a rental license are available. A villa for residential of commercial living.

Location Lodtunduh
Ownership title Leasehold (2035)             
Land size 260 sqm
Bedrooms 2+
Price SOLD

Ubud duplex villa for sale by owner

For sale by Owner

These  250 sqm 2 x 1,5 bedroom duplex villas are fully furnished and sit on 300 sqm of leasehold land, located in a village just 5 minutes south of Central Ubud.

Location Ubud
Ownership title Leasehold (2039)             
Land size 300 sqm
Bedrooms 3
Price 212.000 EUR

Ubud real estate for sale

For sale by Owner

A Freehold 5-Bedroom furnished Villa on 800 m2 in the small village of Payogan only 4 km from the centre of Ubud. The Villa has a current Pondok Wisata (B & B Licence)

Location Payogan
Ownership title Freehold             
Land size 800 sqm
Bedrooms 5
Price 745.000 USD

Ubud very well decorated wooden villa for sale

Very attractive wooden house for sale on a short distance from Ubud. This property is often rented out to families with kids who are attending the Greenschool.

Location Penestanan
Ownership title    Leasehold (2038)      
Land size 350 sqm
Bedrooms 3
Price SOLD

Mountain resort for sale just about half an hour driving North of Ubud.

Forget Alila, The Hanging Gardens and all the other beautiful resorts in and around Ubud. This is by far the best. Guess what, it is also for sale. 

Location Payangan
Ownership title    Freehold                   
Land size 12.725 sqm
Bedrooms 5
Price 2.175.000 USD

Lodtunduh house for sale with views over the rice fields.

This is a basic cozy home for sale with views over the neighboring rice fields. A simple house with 2 bedrooms and even a swimming pool. 

Location Lodtunduh
Ownership title      Leasehold 10 years          
Land size 200 sqm
Bedrooms 2
Price IDR

Lodtunduh villa for sale with valley and river views.

Waking up in this villa, overlooking the forest in front of you, hearing the sound of the running river below the villa. This is a dream which can be yours. 

Location Lodtunduh
Ownership title          Leasehold (2042)          
Land size 900 sqm
Bedrooms 3
Price 150.000 EUR

Lodtunduh gallery for sale which needs renovations.

This old gallery is for sale in Lodtunduh. It needs renovations but ones done, you can have a new gallery, or maybe you want to change it into an hostel or yoga retreat. 

Location Lodtunduh
Ownership title      Leasehold 20 years          
Land size +/- 2000 sqm
Price 140.000.000 IDR / Year

Ubud house for sale with 2 bedrooms, located in a small commercial compound.

The house offers you an experience to stay in an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable compound, which is a part of Balinese village life.


Location Lodtunduh
Ownership title          Leasehold (2045)          
Land size 190 sqm
Bedrooms 2
Price 95.000 USD

House for sale nearby the Greenschool

This house is just about 5 minutes walking away from the Greenschool. A property with a very tropical garden and an open building where you can practice yoga.


Location Abiansemal
Ownership title          Leasehold (2035)          
Land size 600 sqm
Bedrooms 2
Price 125.000 EUR

Tegallalang villa for sale with 6 bedrooms.  Ubud real estate for sale

This large villa is surrounded by rice paddies. This is the real Bali what you find here. 

Location Tegallalang
Ownership title                     Freehold & Leasehold (2029)                         
Land size 979 sqm freehold / 400 sqm leasehold
Bedrooms 6
Price IDR

Modern 2 bedroom villa with rice fields views in Ubud/Petulu

This modern 2 bedroom villa is a combination between modern architecture and Balinese heritage styles. The large windows allow views in all directions.


Location Petulu
Ownership title          Leasehold (2040)    
Land size 716 sqm
Bedrooms 2
Price 258.000 EUR

Guesthouse for sale located on a walking distance from Ubud center

Is it your dream to live in Bali and start a business? With this small scale guesthouse you can fulfill your dream.  Located  on a 15 minutes walking distance from Ubud center.

Location Penestanan
Ownership title            Leasehold (2035)   
Land size 400 sqm
Bedrooms 7
Price 350.000 AUD

Baturiti mountain villa for sale with 3 bedrooms.

A wild flower garden, organic garden, this all is surrounding this Baturiti mountain villa. Ideal for a small private yoga retreat or simply a place to relax and enjoy the panorama.

Location Baturiti
Ownership title   Leasehold (2115)
Land size 1.010 sqm
Bedrooms 3
Price 475.000 AUD

Ubud resort with 6 bedrooms which can be a perfect yoga retreat.

An unique Balinese Ubud resort with true character on offer for sale at the outskirts of Ubud surrounded by rice fields only. This resort on a rural and quiet location is a top business opportunity.


Location Sukawati
Ownership title           Freehold                         
Land size 3.600 sqm
Bedrooms 6
Price 625.000 EUR