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Villas for Sale in an Off-Plan Villa Complex near Ubud

Ubud real estate for sale

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Price : 169.000 USD ( 1 bedroom villas)

Price : 189.000 USD ( 2 bedroom villa)

Ubud villa for sale

Picture a unique villa project nestled in the heart of Bali, Indonesia. This project embodies the essence of embracing life at a leisurely pace. The villas are meticulously designed to harmonize with traditional Balinese architecture, ensuring a seamless blend with the island's rich cultural heritage. Each villa serves as a tranquil oasis where modern comforts merge with the timeless charm of Bali. Lush gardens and open-air living spaces allow residents to immerse themselves in the tropical beauty of the island.


The architecture draws inspiration from the graceful lines and intricate details found in Balinese homes, temples, and palaces, thereby respecting and preserving the island's architectural traditions. The villas are thoughtfully integrated into the natural landscape, preserving the lush tropical views and creating a sense of living in Bali's unspoiled paradise. This means you can wake up to the melodic songs of birds, enjoy the sight of swaying palm trees, and savour the fragrance of exotic flowers right outside your villa.

Ubud real estate for sale


  • Preparation: February 2024
  • Ongoing Construction: March 2024
  • Completion: October 2024

In essence, this villa project is a peaceful retreat that invites you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and experience the authentic beauty of Bali, all while honouring the island's rich architectural heritage.


It's a place where modern living harmoniously coexists with the timeless allure of tropical Bali, backed by a 5-year building guarantee.

Ubud property for sale

Top-grade Western materials are employed to ensure the

utmost in comfort and durability, from state-of-the-art appliances to superior construction materials. The complex comprises a total of eight villas, seven 1-bedroom villas, and one 2-bedroom villa. Some villas have already been sold. What all villas have in common is that they offer breath-taking views of the rice fields from the bedrooms. Additionally, each villa features its own private swimming pool, although the layout of each villa varies slightly due to the shape of the land.


The villas will be constructed to the south of Ubud. The popular Rusters Café is located only about 500 meters away from the villas. In the same area, you will find a large Pepito Supermarket offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and imported products. Ubud can be reached in approximately 15 to 20 minutes by motor vehicle.


The villas will have a leasehold ownership title with the lease set to expire on 30 Augus 2048. An option to extend the lease is available. Furniture is included in the sales price.

Villa C

1 Bedroom villa, land size 111m2, building size 54m2, swimming pool +/-20m2

villa d

2 Bedroom villa, land size 179m2, building size 76m2, swimming pool +/-24m2

villa e

1 Bedroom villa, land size 139m2, building size 52m2, swimming pool +/-20m2

villa f

1 Bedroom villa, land size 107m2, building size 58m2, swimming pool +/-20m2

villa g

1 Bedroom villa, land size 115m2, building size 56m2, swimming pool +/-20m2

villa h

1 Bedroom villa, land size 124m2, building size 56m2, swimming pool +/-24m2


Villa Bedrooms Land size Building size  Swimming pool
C 1 111m2 54m2 +/- 20m2
D 2 179m2 76m2 +/- 24m2
E 1 139m2 52m2 +/- 20m2
F 1 107m2 58m2 +/- 20m2
G 1 115m2 56m2 +/- 20m2
H 1 124m2 56m2 +/- 24m2

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