bali villa management

Villa management

Villa management

Maybe you own a villa in Bali and want to rent out the property. It will be useful to have a management agency who will take of your villa and achieve a high rental income. 


We are working together with a large management agency which is having a world wide coverage, having over 250 objects under their management.


The management will be of use to you if:

  • You are already renting out your property, but the workload is low, which affects your bottom-line income.
  • You are a developer who wants to increase the value of your properties and earn extra money.
Villa management
  • You have given your property to management but are unhappy with the result and profitability.
  • You are a management company that wants to grow and increase revenue at a minimal cost.
  • You are only renting out property for the long term, but you are interested in a more profitable short-term period.

Frequent problem this agency solves are:

  • Low workload
  • Low recognition
  • Low profitability
  • Complicated work process in booking services
  • Negative reviews or lack thereof
  • Few direct bookings and repeat calls
  • No system to identify, train, and monitor staff
  • No online or offline advertising
  • No international offline partners
  • No online reputation monitoring

This management agency offers:

  • Service with a simple and transparent workflow, which will increase the income from real estate leasing through innovative technologies.
  • We believe, that every business owner in the hospitality industry should have easy access to professional multi-channel marketing services, intelligent prices, CRM, and revenue management in a single and straightforward
  • system that does not require customization.
  • Our mission is to free up the owner’s time and increase income with modern technology.
Villa management

Facts about the agency:

  • 14 years in the property management market
  • 250+ objects in their management
  • 1000+ partners offline
  • 24/7 customer service department
  • 14 days before the first booking
  • 300+ employees in the company
  • 80-90% occupancy of the objects with their full control
  • 50+ online booking systems



Marketing Management 

The owner manages the villa independently, and our

company is engaged in exclusive marketing to attract guests, information about your property will be in all our partners’ databases: online systems, local and international agencies, and other management companies.


Complete Control

In addition to marketing, we will select, train and supervise the work of employees, introduce quality standards of service to guests and monitor their compliance, prepare tax reports, engage in pricing, and support the material-technical state of the object.

Bali villa management

We can tell you much more about this agency like they can offer your an income growth model or that each owner will have their own account, but it will be easier to drop us an email, using the form below, and we will get you in touch with this agency. They can update you with their latest services or send you a complete brochure with more detailed information.

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