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Ceningan Island apartments for sale with 1 bedroom



On the small island of Ceningan, for the coast of Bali, we can offer these 1 bedroom apartments, located in a complex. 

You will have flexibility with these apartments, you may live in it permanent but you can also rent it out......more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Ceningan Island

Ownership title    : Leasehold (2093)

Land size                 : 32 sqm

Bedrooms               : 1

Price                         : 79.000 AUD

Keramas beachfront villa for sale with 3 bedrooms.

Beachfront villas with price tags below one million dollar are hard to find in the Southern part of Bali. This is one of them. However, it is to be expected that within a couple of

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Location                  : Pantai Keramas

Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 600 sqm

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                         : 860.000 USD

Klungkung villa for sale with 2 bedrooms and a beautiful panorama.

Having a panorama like an old Indonesian landscaped painting; workers in the rice paddies, mountains and even the ocean. All can be seen from this modern styled Klungkung villa. A villa with the majestic ...more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Semarapura / Klungkung

Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 290 sqm

Bedrooms               : 2

Price                         : 169.000 EUR

Candidasa oceanfront villa for sale with 1 bedroom.

Closer to the ocean we cannot offer a property. This Candidasa oceanfront villa is absolute directly located at the ocean. Only at low tide, you will have a small narrow beach in front...more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Candidasa

Ownership title    : Leasehold (2033)

Land size                 : 200 sqm

Bedrooms               : 1

Price                          : SOLD

Ujung house for sale with beautiful free view over rice fields and the mountains.

Gunung Agung, Amlapura and especially rice paddies. This is the view from this Ujung house. This Ujung house is surrounded by nature. A perfect residence

for the one who is...more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Ujung / Amlapura

Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 1936 sqm

Bedrooms               : 2

Price                         : SOLD

Amed beachfront hotel for sale with various accommodations and facilities.

Beautiful 4 star Amed beachfront hotel for sale. A superb accommodation just in front of a coral reef. Probably one of the best hotels in the Amed area.

What makes this hotel....more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Amed

Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 2700 sqm

Bedrooms               : 13

Price                         : 1.600.000 USD

Candidasa 2 oceanfront villas for sale with totally 3 bedrooms.

Not one, but you will get two villas for 1 price.

These Candidasa villas are directly located on the ocean, getting closer to the waterfront is not...more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Candidasa

Ownership title    : Leasehold (2038)

Land size                 : 500 sqm

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                          : 295.000 USD

Candidasa holiday bungalow with 2 bedrooms for sale.

This nice simple but cozy holiday bungalow is for sale on the beach in Candidasa. This holiday bungalow is situated in a small complex. The bungalow is located in a convenient....more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Candidasa

Ownership title    : Leasehold (2033)

Land size                 : 180 sqm

Bedrooms               : 2

Price                         : 62.500 EUR

Jasri almost beachfront villa with 3 bedroom for sale.

We can offer this tropical beachfront villa for sale in Jasri, East Bali. An unique villa which is just about 200 meters away

from the beach. A real tropical villa with a lot of outdoor living.....more info>>>>>>


Location                  : Jasri

Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 965 sqm

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                         : 375.000 USD