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Cemagi villa for sale with 7 bedrooms, located nearby the ocean

Fantastic design villa for sale located at a very short distance from the ocean. A villa with a total of 7 bedrooms but with the possibility to increase this number. A luxury villa made with an eye for details. .......more info>>>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold & Leasehold

Land size                 : 5900 sqm

Bedrooms               : 7

Price                          : 3.900.000 USD

Tabanan villa for sale with panoramic views

This Tabanan villa is having an open view to all directions. Rice paddies are surrounding the villa. This modern Tabanan villa is offering space to 3 bedrooms. However, the main attractions are the large garden and huge balcony.......more info>>>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 1000 sqm

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                          : 5.750.000.000 IDR

Tabanan villa for sale surrounded by jungle

On offer for sale…..a beautiful large 4 bedroom villa in jungle surroundings, build in Indonesian Balinese style but provided with western comfort and having its own large workshop......more info>>>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 4400 sqm

Bedrooms               : 4

Price                          : 455.000 EUR

Tabanan traditional house for sale with 3 bedrooms

Are you in for a challenge? Then we have now the right property for you. This traditional Balinese house needs renovations. Ones done, you will have a top property with.....more info>>>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 1530 sqm

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                          : 249.500 EUR

Tabanan family home with 6 bedrooms for sale.

Are you having a large family of having a lots of friends visiting Bali? Then you will have here the perfect villa to accommodate them all. This huge Tabanan home is offering......more info>>>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 1680 sqm

Bedrooms               : 6

Price                          : 6.900.000.000 IDR

Tabanan commercial villas for sale with a total of 6 bedrooms.

2 Modern villas surrounded by ricepaddies and having views to the ocean and mountains.  These villas..more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold/Leasehold

Land size                 : 1.668 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 3 each

Price  Freehold     : 6.500.000.000/         IDR         

Price Leasehold   :  295.000 / 250.000 USD

Tabanan townhouses and villas for sale surrounded by rice fields.

Ocean view, surrounded by rice paddies, traditional villages, this all can be found in the direct neighborhood of these Tabanan townhouses and villas....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold

Land size                 : 90 sqm

Bedrooms               : 2

Price                          : starting from 750.000.000 IDR

Tanah Lot villa resort for sale with totally 8 bedrooms.

You will have a choice with this Tanah Lot villa resort. At this moment it is a private residential villa. However, you the villa is located on a large piece of land and is having different kind of ....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold.

Land size                 : 5500 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 8

Price                          : 1.800.000 USD.

Tabanan riverfront villa for sale with 4 bedrooms.

Looking for an unique location with a stunning villa on it? Take a look at this Tabanan riverfront villa. A beautiful villa just a few hundred meters away from the ocean...more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold.

Land size                 : 3.000 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 4

Price                          : 850.000 EUR.

Cepaka villa for sale with a large piece of freehold land and 6 bedrooms.

Beautiful Cepaka villa for sale on a very large piece of freehold land. A spacious villa which consists of various building accommodating totally 6 bedrooms. Large separate open living area....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold.

Land size                 : 3450 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 6

Price                          : 700.000 USD.

Kerambitan colonial house for sale with 4 bedrooms and views on forest and rice paddies

In case you want to live in a quiet area with views in front and in the back of your property, then consider this Kerambitan colonial house. A house with a total of 4 bedrooms and having a....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold.

Land size                 : 1200 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 4

Price                          : 190.000 EUR.

Tabanan absolute beachfront villa for sale with 5 bedrooms.

Tabanan beachfront villa for sale. Located just about half an hour driving after the famous temple of Tanah Lot. A modern villa with traditional decorations.

...more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Leasehold (2041).

Land size                 : 1785 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 5

Price                          : 695.000 USD.

Romantic 3 bedroom villa in Pantai Nyanyi nearby Tanah Lot.

We can offer this romantic Tabanan villa on the border of the Tabanan and Canggu area. A luxurious villa with cozy romantic design. A 3 bedroom villa with a vacant piece of land in the back. ....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Freehold.

Land size                 : 700 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 3

Price                          : 470.000 USD.

Cepaka villa for sale with a large piece of freehold land and 6 bedrooms.

The total surrounding of this stunning Cepaka riverfront villa is an oasis of serenity and tranquility. A quiet and relaxing place, perfect for meditation or yoga. A place to relax in....more info>>>>


Ownership title    : Leasehold (2037).

Land size                 : 3500 sqm.

Bedrooms               : 5

Price                          : IDR.