Tabanan future resort for sale or ....

Tabanan future resort for sale

Kukuh property for sale

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Tabanan property for sale

Some bungalows, a large swimming pool, a gazebo, a wall shaped as a castle and some terraces like an amphitheater. All with a nice view over some jungle and rice paddies. What would you create of this property?


Let us start from the beginning. You enter this property over a small concrete road, leading to a large parking space. On the parking space you will find a shed for all kind of garden and maintenance equipment. Next is a larger building which can be partly kitchen and/or a laundry area.


From the car park, you can walk to the first bungalow. This is a building with some fine decorations, Balinese style but also some Italian paintwork. This bungalow can be a private bedroom. However, it is not having a bathroom. There is space in the back to create a bathroom.


The next building is a bit larger partly open bungalow. Here you will find an open lounge and dining area. This building is having a small kitchen. Finally, you will find here a larger bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, finished with some stained glass.

Tabanan property for sale
Tabanan real estate for sale

Up to the next construction. This will be the large covered swimming pool. A pool with a kids part and a fountain in it. After the swimming pool, you will have the gazebo with a nice view over the surroundings.


Opposite of the gazebo is the last bungalow. This bungalow consists of a bedroom including an en-suite bathroom. 


From this point of the land, you can overlook the jungle and rice paddies in front of you. There is a small river and you will hear the sound of this running water, also in the dry season.

When you look from this point, you will see in front of you the terraces, shaped like a mini amphitheater. On the right side is a small terrace where the current owner was intending to build an additional bungalow. A characteristic Italian wall completes the picture.

From the land you can walk over a small bridge leading to a hidden secret lake. A beautiful lake surrounded by palm trees. A temple has been built here and is overlooking the dense jungle. 

Tabanan real estate for sale
Tabanan property for sale

What to do this with property? First of all, of course you can use it for yourself. Or you make a small resort out of it. There is space to build some more bungalows on the land. Or what to think of create a small camping? A parking is available, change the laundry area in a reception room, rent out the bungalows and/or live in one of them, place some tents on the empty land, change the gazebo into a small restaurant area, etc. 


The property is located in a quiet part of Tabanan, just about 15 minutes driving North of the city of Tabanan. From here you can easily explore the beautiful surroundings by motor or bicycle. You will find stunning rice paddies, mountain views, rivers and lots of temples in the near surroundings. 


The property  is offered with a hak pakai ownership title. This title can be changed back to a freehold ownership title. Please note, with a hak pakai you have the right to use. You may live on the place but not running a business. 


Well, lets us know what you think you can do with this property. Surprise us with your thoughts.

Tabanan real estate for sale
Tabanan real estate for sale
Location Kukuh / Tabanan
Ownership title Hak Pakai / Freehold
Land size plot 2.145 sqm 
Living area 250 sqm
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Guest toilet Yes
Furniture Yes
Equipped Yes
Year  2017
Swimming pool Yes
Size pool 4.5 x 11 meter
Gazebo Yes
Terrace Yes
Garden Yes
Internet Yes
Floors 1
Laundry Yes
Parking Yes
Access Private shared road
Building permit (IMB) Present
Water supply Own well
Electricity 3.500 Watt
Storage Yes
Air-conditioners 3
TV Sat. Yes
View Rice fields, jungle    

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