Farm and café for sale in mountain village

Tabanan property for sale

Senganan property for sale

Price : 250.000 EUR

Tabanan property for sale

Maybe you come to a point in live that you want to change. You are tired of tight schedules, joining the rat race or want to down size in life. We will have the remedy for you. Buy this mountain farm and café and run this business. Okay, you will say, running a business is giving also a lot of stress. True, but not in this case. The staff is well educated for the job so you can leave a lot of work to them.


What kind of business is for sale? Partly it is a café/restaurant and the other part is a private home.


Let us start with the café. This is located along the road so it is having an easy access. There is a parking large enough for a car and some motors. The café itself is a building with a covered terrace where 2 small groups can enjoy a delicious own fresh produced meal. There is a guest toilet and of course the kitchen.

Next to this building is the garden where you can find the fresh produce. One part is consisting of more Western products, the other part of the garden is local produce. 

The staff will directly gather the fresh products from the organic garden and start to prepare the lunch or diner for the guests. In the past, the café has had several visits of chefs coming from the South of Bali. These chefs prepared new dishes together with the staff so don’t be surprised to find creative new dishes on the menu.

Tabanan property for sale

So far the business part of this property. However, you also will need a place to live.

About 100 meters away, located more to the back you will find a cozy traditional farming house which can be used as your future home. 

This house consists of a covered terrace, bedroom and bathroom, small kitchen and a lounge room. Yes, electricity, hot/cold water, Wifi and a TV satellite are all available. 

In front of the house is a garden. The surrounding land is also for lease/sale so in case you want to expand and maybe create some bungalows to rent out, you can opt for this land. 


This business is located in the mountains, about 2 hours driving from the airport. It is situated in a traditional Aga village.

Tabanan real estate for sale
Tabanan property for sale
Tabanan real estate for sale

Aga culture

The Bali Aga, Baliaga or Bali Mula are the indigenous people of Bali, predominantly located in the eastern part of the island, in Karangasem. They can also be found in north-western and central regions. Bali Aga people that are referred to as Bali Pergunungan (Mountain Balinese) are those that are located at Trunyan village. For the Trunyan Bali Aga people, the term Bali Aga (Mountain Balinese) is regarded as an insult with an additional meaning of "the mountain people that are fools"; therefore, they prefer the term Bali Mula (lit Original Balinese) instead.


The original inhabitants of Bali are said to have come from Bedulu village long before the Hindu-Javanese immigration wave. The legend is, there lived the last king of the Pejeng (an old Balinese kingdom), Sri Aji Asura Bumibanten, who had supernatural powers.[2] He could cut off his head without feeling pain and put it back on again. One day, though, his head accidentally fell into a river and was swept away. One of his servants panicked and decided to quickly decapitate a pig and replace the king's head with the animal's head. Embarrassed, the king hid in a tall tower, denying any visitors. A small child discovered the secret and since then, the king became known as Dalem Bedulu, or He-who-changed-head. Another explanation is that the name comes from the name Badahulu or "the village upstream". After the Pejeng kingdom, the Majapahit Empire rose to power.


The Bali Aga live in isolated areas in the mountains. Their relative isolation compared to the lowland Balinese had preserved some of the original Austronesian element, apparent in the Bali Aga architecture. Tourists wishing to visit certain villages must be careful due to the geography of the area. While visiting, it is also important to be respectful and quietly observe the preserved way of life the Bali Aga have.


In Tenganan, where tourism is more easily embraced and the people are said to be more friendly, a three-day festival called Udaba Sambah is held during the months of June or July. Tenganan prohibits divorce and polygamy, unlike other villages.

The Bali Aga speak their own dialect of the Balinese language. It dates back thousands of years and varies from village to village; the version spoken in the Tenganan village is different from the Trunyan village.

Information from Wikipedia

What else is offered by the current owner? Think of a cooking class. Education about growing and planting fresh produce and finally hiking in the near surroundings.


Yes, you will face problems in the future like why are the cherry tomatoes growing well but the normal tomatoes not…. Or why is the home made banana wine delicious but is the papaya wine no success? Should you skip the papaya wine and maybe concentrate on pineapple wine? If you are not scared for this kind of problems, then this might be the right business for you to start you new life in the mountain area in Bali.

No, you will not become millionaire but the income from the café and the farm makes it possible to have a comfortable life, away from all the stress.

Tabanan real estate for sale
Tabanan real estate for sale
Location Senganan / Tabanan
Ownership title Leasehold till 2041
Option to extend 20 more years
Land size plot 850 sqm
Living area +/-80 sqm (house)
Living area +/-60 sqm (cafe)
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Guest toilet In the cafe
Furniture Yes
Equipped Yes
Terrace Yes
Garden Yes
Internet Yes
Floors 1
Parking Yes
Access Public road (cafe)
Access Private path (house)
Building permit (IMB) Present
Water supply PDAM
Electricity 2.200 Watt
Storage Yes
TV Sat. Yes
View Garden
Staff 2
Website Included

Indication location

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