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Kintamani off-plan apartments for sale

Kintamani real estate for sale

kintamani apartment for sale

Price : 245.000 USD

apartment a / lower elevation

Price : 255.000 USD

apartment b / middle elevation

Price : 265.000 USD

apartment c / top elevation

Kintamani apartment for sale

Kintamani might not be a place that immediately comes to mind for many people when it comes to buying real estate in Bali. This may primarily be because there is little or nothing on offer. But why not, actually? Not everyone wants to live in the very hot south of Bali. Besides, Kintamani has a lot to offer for a more active resident. It is a tourist attraction for a reason, and that's not just because of its breathtaking natural beauty. Kintamani also has something to offer for those who want to trek through mountainous landscapes or perhaps take a boat ride on Lake Batur.


In this unique environment, a small apartment complex is being built. This complex will consist of a total of 3 luxury apartments, each with 2 spacious bedrooms. The apartments will have a floor area of 180 square meters, a size equivalent to many villas found in the south. In short, space will not be a problem. In addition, each apartment will have a large balcony so you can enjoy the magnificent view from almost any position. Imagine the mist moving over the lake, a mist that accentuates the mystique of Bali. Or enjoy the rising sun over the mountains. Leave the doors of your apartment open, and a cool, fresh mountain air will enter your bedroom. Although air conditioning will be installed, we do not expect you will need it much. 

Kintamani real estate for sale

Each apartment has a spacious living room. In addition, each apartment comes with a western kitchen, including a kitchen island. Both bedrooms have a view of the surroundings. Of course, each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom. On the ground floor, an additional space is created where each apartment owner has its own private sauna with a shower. A hot tub and an ice bath are also available to the owners, but the latter two must be shared with the other residents. A parking space for a few cars is located right next to the apartments.


Kintamani attracts many tourists. During their trip to this location, they also need to eat. Therefore, it is quite natural that there are plenty of dining options nearby. Small supermarkets are also available, but for imported products, you would need to drive to Ubud, where stores offer them. Ubud is about an hour's drive away. The airport is about 2 to 2.5 hours away. Alternatively, you can also drive towards Singaraja in North Bali, where you can find various shopping facilities. The central location on the island makes the location attractive for those who would like to explore different corners of the island.


In summary, Kintamani may not be the first location that a prospective real estate buyer thinks of. However, if you want to live in a beautiful, cooler environment with a unique view, these luxurious and comfortable apartments could very well meet your needs.

Kintamani property for sale
Kintamani property for sale
Location Kintamani
Ownership title       Leasehold
End date lease 2053
Option to extend  20 more years
Land size  400 sqm
Living area    180 sqm
Year 2024
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Furniture Semi
Air-Conditioners Yes, 3x
Sauna Yes
Balcony Yes
Storage Yes
Access Public road             
Parking Yes
Security Yes
Gated property Yes

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