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Ubud: Off-plan futuristic new development project

Ubud real estate for sale

ubud apartments and villas for sale

Price starting at : 57.000 USD

Ubud apartment for sale

In the eastern part of Ubud, a futuristic community is currently being created, a community of like-minded individuals of which you can be a part. The villas in this project are designed with a futuristic appearance and seamlessly integrated into the landscape.


The community consists of peaceful and creative people who wish to enjoy and respect the beautiful nature. The project aims for a self-sufficient lifestyle.


The complex will consist of apartments and villas that harmoniously blend with the landscape. The rounded shapes of the homes not only provide a futuristic appearance but also contribute to their integration into the natural environment.

Ubud property for sale
Ubud property for sale

Ubud villa for sale

Spanning across 12 hectares, a total of 355 apartments and 240 villas will be built. These residences are available for permanent living or investment.


In addition to the residences, space will be allocated for co-working spaces, cafes, children's playgrounds, a music hall, an art center, sports, and meditation areas. In short, everything that makes life pleasant and comfortable will be available.


The smallest apartments have an area of 19m² and consist of a bedroom with a bathroom, while the largest apartments have a total area of 110m² and feature 3 bedrooms.

Please find here the various floorplans of the apartments

19m2 apartment
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30m2 apartment
Adobe Acrobat Document 21.3 KB
50m2 apartment
Adobe Acrobat Document 26.6 KB
75m2 apartment
Adobe Acrobat Document 33.1 KB
110m2 apartment
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Ubud villa for sale

The smallest villa covers an area of 70m² and includes a spacious bedroom, while the largest villa has a floor area of 219m² and accommodates a total of 3 bedrooms.

Please find here the various floorplans of the villas

70m2 villa
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105m2 villa
Adobe Acrobat Document 202.2 KB
146m2 villa
Adobe Acrobat Document 250.3 KB
154m2 villa
Adobe Acrobat Document 299.2 KB
219m2 villa
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Ubud real estate for sale

All units feature large glass windows providing unobstructed views of the lush tropical surroundings.


Download the various floor plans to get an idea of what the apartments and villas will look like.


The project is being built to the east of Ubud. It can be reached from Ubud in approximately 15 to 20 minutes by car.


The first villas and apartments will be built by 2026. Completion of the entire project  is scheduled for 2027.


Early birds can take advantage of special discounts, so be quick to secure your spot in this peaceful paradise.

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Ubud apartment for sale

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