The tale of Garuda and Vishnu
The tale of Garuda and Vishnu

The tale of Garuda and Vishnu

The tale of Garuda and Vishnu

The tale of Garuda and Vishnu is a well-known story from Hindu mythology. It involves two important characters: Garuda, a divine bird, and Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. This tale showcases the bond between devotion, duty, and the concept of dharma (righteousness).


The Tale of Garuda and Vishnu:


Garuda was born as the son of Kashyapa, a sage, and Vinata, one of the wives of Kashyapa. Garuda's mother, Vinata, had lost a bet to her co-wife, Kadru, which resulted in Vinata becoming Kadru's servant.


Birth of Garuda:

Kadru's sons, the serpents or Nagas, were bound in coils due to a curse. To free them, she requested Garuda to bring her the Amrita, the elixir of immortality. Garuda agreed, and to obtain the Amrita, he had to perform a series of heroic tasks.


Garuda's Quest:

Garuda's first task was to obtain a divine gem called the Syamantaka, which was in possession of a serpent. Garuda defeated the serpent and acquired the gem, but he didn't keep it for himself. He returned the gem to the serpent's owner, King Satrajit, who was falsely accused of stealing it.


Encounter with Vishnu:

During his quest, Garuda encountered Lord Vishnu. Impressed by Garuda's devotion and determination, Vishnu granted him a boon. Garuda asked to be the mount of Vishnu, carrying him on his back. Vishnu granted this boon and also blessed Garuda with immense strength and immortality.


Fetching the Amrita:

With Vishnu's blessings, Garuda continued his quest to retrieve the Amrita. He tricked the gods and demons into cooperating with him to obtain the elixir. He carried the pot of Amrita on his back and flew back to the serpents. However, before Kadru could use it to free her sons, the gods intervened, and a few drops of Amrita fell on the grass, which is why some plants in the world have medicinal properties.


Return of Garuda:

Garuda's mother, Vinata, was freed from servitude, and Garuda's noble actions had helped mend the relationship between his mother and Kadru. Garuda also had a newfound respect for duty, devotion, and dharma.



The tale of Garuda and Vishnu illustrates themes of devotion, duty, and sacrifice. Garuda's unwavering devotion to his mother and his determination to fulfill his duty showcase his virtuous character. Lord Vishnu's blessings emphasize the importance of devotion to the divine, as well as the interplay between mortals and deities in Hindu mythology.


Overall, the story of Garuda and Vishnu is a cherished narrative that exemplifies the values of righteousness, loyalty, and the divine grace that plays a significant role in Hindu culture and philosophy.