Villa tenang, 2 bedrooms

Welcome to Villa Tenang, where tranquillity and comfort meet in the heart of Bali.

Off-plan villa for sale

off plan 2 bedroom Villa for sale

Price : 155.000 EUR

The price is excluding the cost for land, swimming pool, optional extras and landscaping

Off-plan villa for sale

Welcome to Villa Tenang, where tranquillity and comfort meet in the heart of Bali. Derived from the Malay word for "relaxed" or "calm," Tenang perfectly encapsulates the essence of this exquisite villa designed for both permanent residence and blissful getaways.


Designed with spaciousness and comfort in mind, Villa Tenang harmoniously blends into its tropical surroundings. The villa's thoughtful layout and design ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the year, allowing you to unwind amidst the island's natural beauty.

With ceilings soaring to an impressive 8 meters, the living room exudes an airy ambiance. The traditional thatched roof not only provides insulation from the elements but also adds a touch of local charm, shielding you from both sun and rain. The villa's double doors invite gentle breezes, enveloping the space in a refreshing coolness.

Off-plan villa for sale

Embracing the beauty of Bali's landscape, Villa Tenang seamlessly integrates with its tropical garden, creating a serene haven. The living room boasts a sense of spaciousness, thanks to sliding doors on one side and expansive teak terrace doors on the garden-facing side. The walls are expertly finished in the colour of your choice, and the living room floor is adorned with ceramic tiles, selected to complement your aesthetic preferences.


A gracefully curved staircase, finished in smooth stucco, leads to the first floor, offering versatility for an office, library, or spa room.

This floor also presents the option for a third bedroom, complete with a bathroom and balcony under an extended roof. The terrace, tiled with your chosen ceramic stone or even natural stone, invites you to savour Bali's outdoor pleasures.

Off-plan villa for sale

Villa Tenang features two bedrooms, with the possibility of a third bedroom should you desire additional space. Safety is paramount, as evidenced by the standard lightning safety rod, while the foundation is solidly constructed from stone and concrete. The villa's infrastructure includes waste water drainage, sewer connections linked to a septic tank, and fertile garden soil, awaiting your personal touches.


The villa's cathedral-like roof shelters bedrooms, bathrooms, and the hall, its stone walls finished to your preferred colour. Teak wood graces the windows and doors, and robust treated kelapa wood trusses support the traditional thatched roof.Inside the bedrooms, air conditioners ensure comfort, while large doors frame captivating views. Smooth stucco walls, painted in your chosen colour, create a soothing ambiance. Ceramic tiles elegantly cover all floors, with a potential option for natural stone flooring.

Off-plan villa for sale

The bathrooms are a testament to elegance, adorned with ceramic tiles and equipped with standard Toto fixtures. An array of tile choices for the inner walls allows you to personalize this space, while the exterior bathroom wall is finished with smooth stucco.


The kitchen combines practicality and style, offering MDF base units with granite tops. Collaboratively designed kitchen cabinets provide ample storage, complemented by a double stainless-steel sink and a 4-burner gas cooker.

A choice of ceramic tiles graces the kitchen floor, and a plaster ceiling ensures ample lighting options.


Storage is seamlessly integrated, accommodating the included 80-liter hot water boiler, washer, and dryer connections. Electricity-wise, a standard 10,000 Kw. electrical installation is provided, with air conditioning systems in all bedrooms. 

Off-plan villa for sale

Power outlets and lighting points abound, with fan outlets in all rooms and on the terrace.


Personalization is at the forefront, allowing rooms to be tailored to your preferences.

Outside, the garden, with its lush vegetation, carefully chosen paving, and ambient lighting, can be collaboratively designed with our expert garden team.

Interior design services, equipment provision, and comprehensive support ensure that every aspect of your new home is crafted to perfection.


Our dedicated architect will furnish you with 2-D drawings that incorporate your envisioned modifications, ensuring that Villa Tenang becomes your dream abode in Bali.

Villa specifications

  • Covered surface, 233 m2
  • Living room, 45 m2
  • Master bedroom, 16 m2
  • Bedroom 1, 16 m2
  • 1st Floor, 32 m2
  • Kitchen, 16 m2.
  • Bathrooms 1 and 2, 9 m2 per room
  • Terrace, 32 m2
  • Pool (optional) 12x5 m2
  • Jacuzzi (optional) 3 meter in diameter
  • Gazebo, Bale Benong (optional) 9 m2
  • Carport / staff house (optional) 36 m2
Off-plan villa for sale

About the Developer:

This developer team comprises a group of experienced professionals, with a West European background, specializing in architectural design and construction. Established in the early 2000’s, they have achieved great success in delivering high-quality villas. Their expertise extends to the Northern region of Bali, where they have completed over 100 beachfront and mountain villas.


When you choose their services, you can bid farewell to the stress of overseeing the construction process. You will be constantly informed through photos and videos, providing regular updates on the progress of your property. Your primary focus will be discussing your preferences for materials, paint colours, and desired finishing touches.

This developer only offer his services in the North part of Bali.


With this dedicated team and meticulous attention to detail, they ensure your dream villa becomes a reality. Trust them to handle the complexities of construction while you enjoy a hassle-free experience. Contact us today to start building the perfect home tailored to your vision.

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