Villa branie, 4 bedrooms

Discover the Ideal Branie Villa Type for Your Relaxing Bali Residence

Off-plan villa for sale

off plan 4 bedroom Villa for sale

Price : 131.000 EUR

The price is excluding the cost for land, swimming pool, optional extras and landscaping

Off-plan villa for sale

If you are seeking a serene and comfortable living experience in Bali, our Villa Branie type is the perfect choice. This villa has gained popularity among owners who intend to rent out their property due to its spacious layout and four bedrooms. Designed to ensure a pleasant indoor temperature, the villa boasts a thick thatched roof that provides excellent insulation, along with sliding doors to allow the refreshing ocean breeze to flow throughout the premises seamlessly. The villa's design beautifully harmonizes with the tropical surroundings, blending effortlessly into the lush garden that will surround it.


The living room and open kitchen embrace a sense of spaciousness, enhanced by wide terrace folding or sliding teak doors that open up to the garden, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. The walls are expertly finished with stucco, and you have the freedom to choose the colour that resonates with your preferences. 

Off-plan villa for sale

The living room floor is adorned with elegant ceramic tiles, and you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your taste. As an optional feature, we also offer natural stone or composite decking for added allure. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest toilet, this villa provides ample space for you and your guests to unwind.


The stone walls are impeccably finished and painted with a colour of your choice, complementing the charming teak wood windows and doors. The trusses, supporting the charming thatched roof, are made of treated kelapa wood.


Inside the villa, each of the four bedrooms boasts a drywall ceiling with carefully placed lighting installations, all complemented by AC's for your comfort. The spacious rooms offer breath-taking views of the surrounding beauty. 

Off-plan villa for sale

The walls are adorned with smooth stucco, and you have the liberty to select your desired colour scheme. Ceramic tiles grace all the floors throughout the house, ensuring a seamless and stylish appeal. For those seeking a touch of opulence, we offer optional natural stone flooring.


The three bathrooms are exquisitely tiled with ceramic tiles and come standard with top-of-the-line sanitary equipment from Toto. At an additional cost, you may opt for free-hanging toilets for added elegance. The shower enclosure is designed with glass, and you have the choice of several types of ceramic tiles for the inner walls. Additionally, for those who desire a more luxurious feel, we provide optional natural stone or mosaic tiling. The kitchen is equipped with MDF base units and elegant granite tops, and the layout can be customized in collaboration with you.

Off-plan villa for sale

It is furnished with a double stainless-steel sink and a 4-burner gas cooker. The kitchen floor also features various options for ceramic tiles, adding to the aesthetics, while a plaster ceiling with ample lighting installation points completes the space.


For your convenience, we offer a dedicated storage area that houses the 80-liter hot water boiler (included in the package), along with connections for a washing machine and dryer.


Electrical installations are top-notch, with a standard upgradable 10,000 Kw supply. All bedrooms are equipped with split outdoor units for air conditioning, and each room and terrace boast outlets for fans. Should you desire any modifications to the room sizes or shapes, our skilled building team is ready to accommodate your requests. The garden, including its plant selections, paving, and enchanting garden lighting, can be meticulously designed with the assistance of our talented garden designer. For those who wish to take advantage of our expertise, we also provide interior design services and can furnish your home with all the necessary equipment. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support, with a dedicated help desk to address any eventuality.


Rest assured, our architect will provide detailed 2-D drawings, incorporating all the changes proposed by you to create the Bali residence of your dreams.

Average building time for Villa Indah will be about 12 months. Minimum recommended land size for this villa is 1.000m2.

Villa specifications

  • Covered surface, 170 m2
  • Living room with open kitchen, 70 m2
  • 2 Bedrooms, 18 m2
  • 2 Bedrooms, 16 m2
  • 1 Bathroom, 8 m2
  • 2 Bathrooms, 5 m2 each
  • Terrace, 48 m2
  • Optional, pool and gazebo
Off-plan villa for sale

About the Developer:

This developer team comprises a group of experienced professionals, with a West European background, specializing in architectural design and construction. Established in the early 2000’s, they have achieved great success in delivering high-quality villas. Their expertise extends to the Northern region of Bali, where they have completed over 100 beachfront and mountain villas.


When you choose their services, you can bid farewell to the stress of overseeing the construction process. You will be constantly informed through photos and videos, providing regular updates on the progress of your property. Your primary focus will be discussing your preferences for materials, paint colours, and desired finishing touches.

This developer only offer his services in the North part of Bali.


With this dedicated team and meticulous attention to detail, they ensure your dream villa becomes a reality. Trust them to handle the complexities of construction while you enjoy a hassle-free experience. Contact us today to start building the perfect home tailored to your vision.

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