Unique & Exclusive 1.35 Hectare freehold Land for sale in Cemagi

Cemagi land for sale

cemagi land for sale

Total price : IDR (135 are)

Location, Luxury, Legacy: Introducing the last remaining premier land of its calibre along the serene riverfront of Cemagi with guaranteed Ocean views. A rare gem that captures the essence of Bali's unmatched beauty and promises an investment opportunity that is as promising as it is picturesque.

Cemagi land for sale

Why this land?

  • Absolute Riverfront - Embrace tranquillity with the calming sounds of the river. Perfect for a luxury resort, villa, or a private sanctuary. The options are limitless.
  • Prime Cemagi Location - Renowned for its untouched beauty, Cemagi is Bali's well-kept secret, promising peace while still being proximate to Bali's vibrant hubs.
  • Exclusive & Rare - This is not just another land. It’s the only existing land available for sale of this magnitude and prestige in Cemagi Tourism Zone Sector. Secure a piece of history and legacy.


  • Freehold Title: No lease hassles. Own a piece of paradise forever.
  • Expansive 1.35 Hectares: Offering a vast canvas for your architectural dreams.
  • Natural Beauty: With lush landscapes and the gentle river, nature will be your everyday companion.
  • Located about 200 meters from the beach

Investment Potential:


As the demand for premium real estate in Bali continues to grow, this property not only promises a lavish lifestyle but also substantial appreciation potential.

Be it a boutique resort, a cluster of high-end villas, or a grand private estate, the ROI prospects are as vast as the land itself.


"A Legacy Awaits": This is more than just a purchase, it's a legacy in the making.

Land of this calibre is a testament to prestige, vision, and luxury. The land tells a story of Bali’s undying charm, and it awaits a visionary to shape its next chapter.


Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity.

Seize the last bastion of luxury riverfront land in Cemagi and craft your own Balinese masterpiece.


Reach out today and be the privileged one to own this irreplaceable piece of paradise.


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