1.5 Hectares of Diverse Freehold Land, Including Rice Fields and Forest, Adjacent to Gunung Salak

Tabanan land for sale

gunung salak land for sale

Total price : 7.500.000.000 IDR (150 are)

Tabanan land for sale

Discover an expansive and captivating piece of land now available for purchase near the renowned Gunung Salak. This exceptional land comprises two distinct sections, each with its own certificate, although the sale is only possible for the entire parcel; individual plot purchase is not an option.


The first section, situated right alongside a well-maintained asphalt access road, boasts picturesque rice fields that gently cascade to a lower elevation. This portion truly embodies the essence of Bali, capturing the essence that often prompts tourists to pause and capture its beauty. Yet, obtaining permits to construct on rice fields has become increasingly challenging, with some cases disallowing construction altogether. As such, preserving these rice fields is likely the best approach.


But what makes this land so intriguing? At the land's far end lies a dense tropical forest that offers possibilities for discreetly housing a private dwelling or crafting a secluded retreat. 

Tabanan land for sale
Tabanan land for sale

The forested area terminates at a river, affording direct access that further enhances the appeal of this property.


The 1.5-hectare expanse can be nearly equally divided into two sections. The rice fields occupy approximately 7,400 square meters, while the forest spans 7,600 square meters. The land is held under freehold ownership, providing you with a canvas on which to establish your distinct sanctuary. Design a parking area atop the land and create a pathway leading to your concealed haven – an unquestionably distinctive property awaits.


Situated along the road that leads to Gunung Salak, this land holds an advantageous location. The surrounding eco-friendly village is experiencing rapid growth and development. As you traverse the road leading to this land, you'll be treated to frequent, breathtaking panoramic views that encompass mountains, forests, and the timeless beauty of rice paddies.


Embrace the opportunity to own a slice of paradise – 1.5 hectares of land that embodies Bali's essence, blending rice fields that evoke the island's heart with a hidden forest retreat. This unique property invites you to be a part of the evolving eco-friendly community along the path to Gunung Salak, where stunning vistas await your exploration.

Location Gunung Salak
Ownership title Freehold
Land size plot 15.000 sqm (150 are)
Access Public  road
Sub-dividing possible No
Water Making own well
Electricity Available nearby
Access road  6 meter wide
Tabanan land for sale

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