Het verhaal van Si Djinaka
Die Geschichte von Si Djinaka

The Story of Si Djinaka

The Story of Si Djinaka

On the island of Bali, there once lived a man who was always deeply in debt. Whenever cockfights were held on the island, Si Djinaka would consistently lose, and he would borrow money for the bets, hoping to win and use the winnings to pay off his debts. One day, two men came to collect their money from him. Unfortunately, Si Djinaka couldn't repay them because he had lost the money again in a bet.


Faced with the inability to settle his debts, the two men decided to take him hostage and sell him as a slave. The proceeds would be sufficient to clear the debt. Together, they set sail for the village of Pangkalin Lae Polit, with Si Djinaka in the middle of the boat, leaving the two men to do the work.


Halfway through the journey, the debtor asked the two men a question: "I know a song. If I teach it to you, we can sing it together." The men agreed, giving Si Djinaka permission to sing it for them. With gusto, he sang:


"There climbs Si Djinaka on a rock.

Row quickly through the rapids."


The two men listened attentively, and before long, they were singing along with full enthusiasm. After a while, Si Djinaka asked the men to take turns singing the song. The rower began passionately, and like a seasoned opera singer, the second man followed with the second line. It sounded beautiful, and the atmosphere was relaxed.


Unbeknownst to the singing duo, they were approaching a rapid. Quick-witted Si Djinaka wasted no time. Swiftly, he climbed overboard and skillfully stepped onto a large rock. The rower had his hands full navigating the boat through the rapids. Seeing Si Djinaka's plan, he shouted to his friend, "There climbs Si Djinaka on a rock!" Still engrossed in the song, the second man responded without looking back, "Row quickly through the rapids."


As clever Si Djinaka swam from the rock to the shore, he watched the boat disappear around the bend with the unsuspecting men. Laughing, he climbed onto the riverbank and, as a free man, returned to his village.


Upon arriving in Pangkalin Lae Polit, the rowers were astonished. The second man couldn't understand how the debtor had escaped and asked the rower for an explanation. "I told you, 'There climbs Si Djinaka on a rock.' And you responded, 'Row quickly through the rapids.'" Angrily, the second man replied, "I didn't know it was really happening; I thought we were still singing."


The argument escalated, leading the men to attack each other with their swords. They paid the price for their folly, and Si Djinaka was freed from his debts, able to live the rest of his life as a free man.