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Tabanan - Neglected House with Stunning Views for Sale

Tabanan house for sale

Belayu house for sale

Price: 189.500 EUR

Tabanan house for sale

Who dares to take on the challenge of restoring this house to its former glory? Who is skilled enough and has ideas to turn this property into a dream home? The surroundings and views are absolutely fantastic.


This house consists of 3 different buildings: 2 residential areas and a tower. Each building requires some work.


Let's start with the first building, a house located by the street.

This building features a very large kitchen with ample space for a dining table, although you'll probably enjoy your meals on the covered terrace. Additionally, there are 2 bedrooms in this building, each with its own bathroom.

The main area where you'll likely spend a lot of time is the large covered terrace.

Tabanan real estate for sale

What needs to be done to this building? The roof requires attention, as it definitely needs some work. The bathrooms are outdated as well. The kitchen is simple, but it doesn't have to be a hindrance. If you're a fan of a beautiful Western-style kitchen with various built-in appliances, it will require significant renovation.


The next building is located at the edge of the property, offering a magnificent view of the valley in front of the house. This building also has a smaller covered terrace. Furthermore, it consists of a very spacious living room, which doubles as a bedroom. This space is as large as a suite. At the back of the house, there is a door leading to the partially open bathroom. The issue with this building is more serious, as a part of the foundation has subsided. This definitely needs to be addressed.


There is a terrace in front of this house as well, and it also has subsidence issues that need to be resolved.

Tabanan property for sale

Lastly, there is a tower in the garden, also located at the edge of the property. It has several floors, with each floor having a relatively small floor area, probably around 3 x 3 meters. The entire tower requires thorough renovation. Additionally, everyone can use their own imagination for the use of this tower.

We'll provide you with a few suggestions.

  • A writer can set up their desk here and find inspiration surrounded by their own private library.
  • A painter can use it as their studio, adding larger windows to take in the surroundings.
  • A sporty individual could place various sports equipment and use it as their private gym.
  • Finally, an entrepreneurial person could potentially create an additional sleeping space and rent it out to guests.
  • However, we are also interested to hear your ideas for the use of this tower.


Tabanan property for sale

Between buildings 1 and 2, there is a swimming pool. Additionally, there is a carport that can accommodate 2 cars. Furthermore, there is additional parking space available. The property has a large garden.


The land slopes down to a small river that runs below the house. And as mentioned before, the house offers stunning views. On the street side, the house is located near rice fields, while on the other side, there is a valley with many trees, a river, and on clear days, a view of the mountains. In short, it offers the kind of view that people would pay a lot for in places like Ubud. However, this property is situated in Belayu, Tabanan.


From the house, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach both Ubud and Canggu by car. In fact, the house is fairly centrally located. There are several local restaurants and supermarkets in the immediate vicinity.


We hope that we're not being too negative in this description. Yes, the house certainly needs attention and has been neglected for some time. But someone with ideas can definitely turn it into a pleasant home. Moreover, the two separate buildings allow for the possibility of living in one part and renting out the other. In short, this property has great potential. We are now looking for a buyer who sees it that way too.

Location Marga / Tabanan       
Ownership title Freehold
Land size plot 1530 sqm
Floors 1
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Furnished Semi
Year of construction 1999
Air-Conditioners 4
Swimming pool Yes
Size swimming pool 7 x 4 meter
Living Area 250 sqm
Surroundings Rice fields / mountains
Internet Yes
Storage Yes
Laundry Yes
Parking Yes, carport
Terrace Yes
Garden Yes
Access Public road
Building permit (IMB) Present
Electricity 10.500 Watt
Water supply PDAM
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