Type el salvador, orion project pererenan

Pererenan villa for sale

PErerenan Villa for sale

Price : 3.881.000.000 IDR

Pererenan 3 bedroom villa for sale

This design was conceived and created as both a hub and a homestead with the intention to fulfill a

number of different purposes: as a meeting-place, mecca for innovation, as a compound for friends and

family to relax and enjoy.


Beautifully blending European and Indonesian designs by combining antique and modern features

A glittering pool and gazebo yield to the views of the Bali nature and beyond. A pathway alongside the

gardens leads to the exceptional guest quarters which has three bedrooms.


This offer is a package deal including: One lot (D) at land location in Jl. Sempol, complete construction

of one unit Villa El Salvador - Design (ETA 10 months substantial completion) and IMB license approved

for sublease.


Project Orion is located in Jl. Sempol in Pererenan which is a charming seaside village offering a picturesque mix of green rice fields and great surf spots with the famous black sand beach. Blending in with trendy Canggu, Pererenan is slowly becoming more popular but still maintains a more relaxed Balinese feel. The area is favoured by expats and surfers looking to escape the crowded lineups in Canggu.


Villa-design: Villa Kaliki (2-Bedroom) and Villa El Salvador (3-Bedroom), each unit has private parking.

  • Villa Kaliki, Lot A, 325 sqm
  • Villa Kaliki, Lot B, 315 sqm
  • Villa Kaliki, Lot C, 315 sqm
  • Villa El Salvador, Lot D, 485 sqm

All homes have been separately designed with different orientations and views to cultivate the best qualities looking to get the most out of natural light and a sustainable construction that achieves the highest energy efficiency.


Pererenan 1 and 2 bedroom studio and bungalow for sale
Brochure villa type el Salvador
Please download this brochure to find the details of this villa.
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Pererenan 1 and 2 bedroom studio and bungalow for sale


  • 35% - 0% progression -
  • 25% at 35% progression -
  • 25% at 60% progression -
  • 10% at 85% progression -
  • 5% 2 months after completion -

Modifications like tiles, plastering, placement of concrete structures inside building as well as outside building can be chosen by you. Landscape can also be chosen, what plants, trees & grass and so on.


IMB is included in the price.

Dealing agreement will be signed with authorized notaris and can be chosen.

Pererenan site plan

Planning construction.

You already have a plot of land available? These villas can also be build individual. Ask for the construction price.

Indication location

Due to privacy reasons, we are not allowed to share exact addresses of the properties we are offering

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