There are still many unspoiled locations in Bali

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Most people who arrive in Bali are immediately confronted with the vibrancy of the island. Subsequently, everyone heads to their ultimate vacation destination, often one of the many popular seaside resorts that Bali has to offer.


Nevertheless, numerous places on Bali exist that attract only a few tourists. Who has ever embarked on a multi-day trek through the West Bali National Park? Have you ever experienced the mystique of driving through a dense misty landscape in the mountainous central part of the island? Have you ever set foot on Gili Putih, a small white island in the north of Bali? Or have you ever taken an early morning walk through the Balinese savannah, with the majestic Gunung Agung in the background?


These are just a few examples of locations that attract very few tourists. While a prospective explorer in Bali might think that everything has already been discovered, we assert that there are still many unspoiled places to be found on this island. Do you agree or disagree with this? Share your opinion in the comments below.


And perhaps you have a valuable tip to share as well. Although there is no material reward associated with it, your tip could inspire other travellers to explore your hidden piece of Bali. That, in itself, is a reward.

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