New toll road

New toll road leading from Gilimanuk to Mengwi.


At the moment, it takes about 3.5 to 4 hours driving if you are coming from the South and intend to explore the Western  part of Bali. A national park, diving sites and traditional villages, all can be found in the West of the island. However, for many people it is simply too far out to drive to this part of the island.

A small road full with trucks is causing the long travel time. However, it is also a beautiful road with views over rice fields, mountains and you will be driving along the Balinese coast. 


In March 2021, the start will be made for a new toll road, connecting Mengwi with Gilimanuk. 

The first part will be created between Soka and Pekutatan.  The second stage will be the track between Mengwi and Soka. The final part will be the longest, the road between Pekutatan and Gilimanuk. 

The total road must be finished in 2024. It is to be expected that the travel time will be half of what it is now. This new toll road will have its connection with the Java toll roads making it more convenient also to explore the island of Java.


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