Bali postpones plans to welcome international travelers in September

Many people were planning and hoping to visit Bali again from September the 11th onwards.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is not possible. The government is not opening the borders before the end of this year. 


"The government is still prohibiting its citizens from traveling abroad at least until the end of 2020. In line with the policy, we also cannot open the gate to international travelers until the end of 2020 as the situation in Indonesia, including Bali, is not yet safe to welcome them," said Bali Governor Wayan Koster in a statement Saturday.


Koster added that the government fully supported the province's plans to reopen to international travelers as part of tourism recovery efforts. "However, we should be careful, [we] cannot hurry [such a plan as we] need to be well prepared. In attempting to recover tourism, Bali should not fail, because it will badly impact the image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world."

Following the decision, Bali is said to be focusing on efforts to attract domestic tourists in a bid to smooth its way to tourism and economic recovery.


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