Cost of living in Bali

Costs of living in Bali


We often get the question what kind of costs you can expect when you start living in Bali/Indonesia. Of course, we cannot give the exact costs because this all depends on the location you are living, the size of your property and finally your own lifestyle. However, in this blog we will give you an overview what costs you can expect.


Monthly costs


First of all, an overview of the running monthly costs.


  • Electricity : Electricity in Bali is relatively expensive compared to other costs. Of course this is all depending on your usage. Some people are having the AC running the full day which will result in a high electricity bill.  Solar panels are not often seen as the investment takes about 7 or 8 years to earn it back. 
  • Water : A lot of villas are having their own water well. In fact, the water will be free in this case. Another  way to get water supply is by the government (PDAM). Water is cheap. It is not recommended to drink it. 
  • Staff : The costs for the staff are depending on what work they are offering. Some staff is living in the villa in their own room, others are just cleaning the property in a few hours. If you have a large property, you probably will have several staff like cleaners, gardeners and maybe a driver.
  • Swimming pool : Each swimming pool needs maintenance. There are companies who can arrange this for you or you will have a pool boy who can take care of the right chlorine levels in the pool.
  • Internet : In Bali you can find several companies who are offering packages with internet, sometimes in combination with TV channels. 
  • Banjar : The banjar is your local community. They take care of your village and you will be asked to donate a certain amount of money. Each village is having its own regulations about this. This can be paid monthly or sometimes yearly.


Permit stay


If you want to live in Indonesia, you will need to have a permit to stay. There are various visas offered and it is wise to contact an agency who is specialized in this. These agencies can offer a visa which suits the best to your own situation. 




A health insurance can be applied here in Bali. There are several (international) companies who can offer you insurance. People with an age over 80 years will not be accepted.


Besides a health insurance, you also can have insurance for your home. 

You will drive a car or motor? In that case you also can consider insurance. 


Finally you shall have to pay land tax (PBB). This is a yearly tax. Small properties in certain area are free of this tax. 


This is a short overview of the costs you can expect the moment you want to live here in Bali/Indonesia. Maybe we have overlooked or forgotten something. Please feel free to add this in the comments so other people also can take advantage of your information.

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