Sidemen 1,2 hectare land for sale along the river

Land for sale in Sidemen along a river

Price: SOLD

Location Sidemen    
Ownership title Freehold
Land size plot 12.200 sqm(122 are)
Extra land About 1 hectare 
Access Road available
Water Available

sidemen freehold land

Has it always been your dream to start your own (eco) resort or lodge in Bali? Then this land might be very interesting for you.


This piece of land of 1.2 hectares is located in Sidemen. Are you already familiar with this valley, then you know that this is one of the most beautiful areas of Bali and an upcoming area which mainly attracts nature lovers. You do not know Sidemen yet? Just look at Google and you will see that this is a beautiful area.

Sidemen land for sale along a river. Total size 1.2 hectare

This piece of land is located along the river Tukad Yeh Unda.

To get to the piece of land you follow an asphalt road of about 3 meters wide. The land starts just before a bridge that only pedestrians and motorbikes can use.

The river is fairly wide and the land is slightly higher so flooding of the land is almost impossible.


On the other side of the land is a smaller river. On this side of the land is a hiker trail which is used by a lot of tourists.


The land consists of 1.2 hectares. However, if this is too small, it is possible to double the size of the land. Behind the certified land is another piece of about 1 hectare. This land has no access road. The only access is through the 1.2 hectare.

Tourism in this area is welcomed. It will not be difficult to get the necessary permits to build a resort on this piece of land.


The land consists of 3 certificates.


The price for this land is IDR ...... per 100m2.

Total size is 1.22 hectare. Total price for this land will be IDR 6.710.000.000. There is still space to negotiate the price.

Sidemen land for sale along a river. Total size 1.2 hectare

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