South Ubud neglected Joglo villa for sale

Ubud real estate for sale

Mas villa for sale

Price : 179.000 USD

Ubud villa for sale

For those who are looking for a challenge, we can offer this neglected Joglo villa in the area of south Ubud. A house located on a corner, surrounded by jungle and a small river. From the land you can hear the murmur of the river.


This refurbishment object consists of 3 Joglos and a staff building.


At the entrance we find this staff building consisting of 3 bedrooms and a kitchen area.


The next house is the first Joglo house. This house consists of 2 very spacious bedrooms with a private bathroom behind them. The house has a large covered terrace. Located between the 2 bedrooms is an extra space. This space would be ideal for making a small spa. Or use the space as a small office, studio or other kind of hobby room.


A path leads us to the 2nd Joglo residence. 

Ubud real estate for sale

This Joglo is much larger than the other 2 Joglos.

This Joglo consists of a gigantic open space with a view over the garden and jungle.

Tucked away in a corner is the kitchen area.

In addition, this villa has 1 bedroom with a private bathroom.


If we walk further, we arrive at the 3rd and last Joglo villa. This villa is identical to the first villa and therefore has 2 bedrooms including bathrooms. This villa also has a large covered terrace with a view over the garden and the swimming pool.


The villa is located in Mas, a village south of Ubud. From the villa you can drive to Ubud in about 10 minutes. It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive to Sanur.


The villa has been empty for several years and therefore needs to be renovated.

Things that need to be done are:

Ubud real estate for sale
  • Landscaping the garden
  • Big cleaning
  • Installing a kitchen
  • Checking the swimming pool and pump
  • Replacement of certain roof parts. There are probably no leaks, but pieces of plywood need to be replaced.

The villa itself is made of teak wood. A strong type of wood and apparently there are no problems with the construction of the buildings.

You can probably get this villa in a good condition with an additional investment of between USD 100.000 and USD 150.000.


So, if you are looking for a challenge, this villa can be extremely suitable. If the villa has been completely refurbished, you will have an attractive home in a sought-after location.


In this listing we show you photos of what the villa looks like now. In addition, we also show you pictures of the villa from a few years ago when the villa was still in a good condition.

Ubud villa for sale
Location Mas
Ownership title        Leasehold (2045)
Land size  3.600 sqm
Living area    700 sqm
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Swimming pool Yes
Gazebo Yes
Garden Yes
Terrace Yes
Floors 1
Access Private shared road
Water supply Own well
Electricity 5.500 Watt
Parking Yes
Staff quarters Yes
Laundry Yes
Storage Yes

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