Gallery for sale in Lodtunduh which needs renovations

Lodtunduh gallery for sale which needs renovations.

Lodtunduh gallery for sale

Price : 140.000.000/year IDR

total price based on 20 years  = 2.800.000.000 IDR

Lodtunduh gallery for sale which needs renovations.

This old gallery is for sale in Lodtunduh. It needs renovations but ones done, you can have a brand new gallery again, or maybe you want to change it into an hostel or yoga retreat. 


This gallery consists of 2 different buildings which are connected to each other.

At the entrance, you will have a large building which was originally the showroom for the paintings.

The other building is consisting of 8 very large rooms. 

Yes, the property needs work. The main construction of the building is solid but it is the interior which needs work. It is difficult to predict what the total costs will be as this is depending on the work to be done.


This gallery is located nearby a main street which is directly leading to Ubud. Ubud can be reached in about 10 minutes driving. Along the mainstreet you will find many other galleries and painting studios. You will enter this property through a nice green drive way.

The lease will be 20 years. The total land size shall have to be measured first but depending on how large your garden needs to be, the size of the land will be somewhere between 2000m2 and 2500m2.


It is always difficult to describe a property like this which needs work and which can be offered for different purposes. However, if you are in the market for a commercial property, wanting to run a gallery, hostel or yoga retreat, then pay attention to this listing. Make an appointment with us and we will be pleased to show you around you will get a better understanding of what will be possible.

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