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Living in Bali · 21. November 2020
Although you might not be able to travel to Bali these days, it is still possible to buy a property. We can show you a villa through a video call. Show you the villa and the near surroundings. However, this might not be enough as it will be hard to see the real quality of the villa. To make sure that you buy a property without any hidden failures, you can have the villa checked by an independent builder/constructor.
Investment · 07. September 2020
We often get requests from clients if we have properties for sale with “corona prices”. Or asking if we have real bargains for sale. We are sorry to inform you, however, we simply don’t have them. Why are there no real bargains to score at the moment? We have some ideas of what the reason might be.
Infrastructure · 17. August 2020
A new toll road will be made to connect Mengwi with the port of Gilimanuk. The start of this road will be in March 2021. The total construction time will be about 3 years. This will be the moment to invest in properties in the Western part of Bali.