Visa regulations entering Indonesia

Visa regulations for entering Indonesia.

Update per 03/02/2022


International travelers must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Received the complete doses of COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before departure as a requirement to enter Indonesia.
  2. If WNI (Indonesian citizen) have not received the vaccine abroad, then they will be vaccinated at the quarantine place after receiving a negative result of the second RT-PCR.
  3. If foreign citizens have not received the vaccine abroad, then they will be vaccinated at the quarantine place after receiving a negative result of the second RT-PCR with the requirements: 12-17 years old; holders of izin tinggal diplomatik and izin tinggal dinas; and/or holders of KITAS and KITAP.
  4. Show a negative result of the RT-PCR test in the country of origin that has been done max. 2X24 hours before departure time.
  5. Vaccination certificate COVID-19 in complete doses (physical or digital) shall be written in English besides the language of the origin country.
  6. International travelers are required to use the PeduliLindung application to enter Indonesian territory.
  7. The International travelers must show the proof of accommodation in the port of entry.


Obligation to show vaccination certificate COVID-19 as a requirement to enter Indonesia is exempted to:

  1. Foreigner citizens holding diplomatic visas for state visits.
  2. Foreigner citizens who have not been vaccinated and intend to travel inside the country and continue to fly out from the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, it is allowed not to show vaccination certificate COVID-19 as long as they do not leave the airport area during transit waiting for international flight with conditions that it is permitted by the Port Health Office (KKP) and show international flight ticket.
  3. International travelers under 18 years old.
  4. International travelers with health conditions that causes travelers cannot receive the vaccine with requirements must attach a doctor's letter from the Government Hospital of the departure country which state that the person is unable to follow the COVID-19 vaccination.


Quarantine Rules:

International travelers will do the first RT-PCR test upon arrival and then do quarantine as follows:

  • 5 x 24 hours: For all international travelers (full vaccination). Second RT-PCR test on the 4th day.
  • 7 x 24 hours: For all international travelers (1st vaccination only). Second RT-PCR test on the 6th day.

Singapore Airlines:

In the last months, we often get questions what the latest visa regulations are to visit Bali.

We have contacted one of the larger visa agencies here in Bali and asked for an update regarding these regulations. 

Please find below the regulations as per 15 January 2022. 

The regulations are changing often so we will try to update you through this blog. Should you need more information, please send us an email.

Single-entry e-Visa B211 is valid for 60 days and can be extended 4-times on 30 days each time. Once the E-Visa is issued, you have 90 days to enter Indonesia with this visa. The day of arrival is the first day of validity of the visa.


➡️ Standard: 4,350,000 IDR (~299 USD). The process takes 7-8 business days


➡️ Express 5,700,000 IDR (~399 USD). The process takes 2-3 business days


All prices include:

  • sponsorship from the company
  • guarantee letter 
  • eVisa 
  • visa & Immigration fees
  • preparing and submission of all requested documents

✔️ To apply for a visa, we only need a photo of your passport (valid for at least 7 months), a vaccine certificate (full vaccination), a colour photo 4x6, and payment.


For children under 12 years of age, a vaccination certificate is not required, otherwise, the process and cost of obtaining a visa are the same as for adults.




Indonesia currently accepts all known vaccine types; you just need to provide a complete certificate of vaccination in English




If you cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons, you can provide the official exemption letter in English from the government hospital to apply for a visa and enter the country. FYI (!) your visa application can be rejected. Also, some airlines do not allow boarding without a vaccine, so please confirm this information with your airline first.




✔️ To enter the country, you have to provide eVisa, a Vaccination Certificate (should be at least 14 days after the last dose) and a PCR test not older than 72 hours. 


✔️ You will need to take quarantine for 6 x 24 hours (for fully vaccinated) and do 2 more PCR tests. The first PCR test will be done inside the airport upon arrival and the second one in the hotel on the last day of the quarantine.


Quarantine is obligatory in the port of entry; a list of hotels can be provided upon request to pre-book a hotel. 


✔️ Here is the list of countries whose citizens can fly directly to Bali and take quarantine there: Saudi Arabia, UAE, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Norway

Foreigners from other countries can come to Bali via Jakarta only


✔️ Also, you need to have a ticket from Indonesia (after 60 days or earlier) and Health or Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage, it can be asked by your airline at check-in. 


❗Attention! System errors, quarantine, new visa regulations from the Indonesian government, etc. may change visa processing times or rules of obtaining and country entry regulations. We strongly recommend buying tickets ONLY after you will get a visa.


❗Passport must be given for an e-Visa extension at the Immigration 1-2 weeks before the date of visa expiry (first 60 days after entering Indonesia)


❗One visa extension costs 800,000 IDR (we can help with a visa extension in Bali only)

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  • #1

    Novella E Lundy (Monday, 17 January 2022 21:12)

    If you want to move to Bali what is the process

  • #2

    balicasa (Tuesday, 18 January 2022 02:11)

    If you want to move permanent to Bali, the best way now is to apply for a business visa. Ones you are in Bali, you can apply for a KITAS.

    From the visa agency we received this extra information regarding the KITAS:

    KITAS is a permanent resident permit to stay in Indonesia. This visa is valid for one/two year and possible to extent 5 times. The benefit of kitas is that you have a stay permit with multiple re-entry which means that you can in and out Indonesia whenever you want. A lot of people are looking for kitas, but do they understand how to get kitas and what the requirement are? Here’s a short information about it :

    1. Working Kitas : Need to have company sponsor in Indonesia(PT/PMA) who hire you to work in Indonesia. If you work means you need to pay taxes $1200 and embassy fee $150. Cost of processing during pandemic increasing than what’s written in our website which is now IDR 13,000,000

    2. Family Kitas : Need legally married with Indonesia citizen, so your wife/husband become your sponsor to stay here. Price for family kitas processing during pandemic IDR 11,000,000 and embassy fee $150

    3. Retirement Kitas : Need to be more than 55 years old, our company tour and travel as your sponsor. Price for retirement kitas processing during pandemic IDR 13,000,000 and embassy fee $150

    4. Investor kitas : Need own foreign investment company in Indonesia, which is your name written in legal company paperwork as director / commissioner. This type of kitas valid for 2 years. Price for investor kitas processing during pandemic IDR 15,000,000 and embassy fee $150

    5. Freelancer kitas : this type of kitas valid only 6 months and not possible to extended, we will provide the company sponsor. Freelancer means you work in Indonesia and need to pay tax $600. Price for freelancer kitas processing during pandemic IDR 15,000,000 and embassy fee $150

  • #3

    Bert Dunsford (Tuesday, 18 January 2022 14:07)

    Just for clarification for Australians we have to enter Indonesia via Jakarta and cannot got to Bali to quarantine. Is this correct?

  • #4

    Balicasa (Tuesday, 18 January 2022 21:11)

    Dear Bert Dunsford,

    That is correct. Australian citizens first have to fly to Jakarta to have their quarantine.
    At the moment there are no international direct flights arriving in Bali as far as we know so in fact everyone shall have to go through Jakarta.