Villa construction inspection

Bali villa inspection and construction

Although you might not be able to travel to Bali these days, it is still possible to buy a property.

We can show you a villa through a video call. Show you the villa and the near surroundings. However, this might not be enough as it will be hard to see the real quality of the villa.


To make sure that you buy a property without any hidden failures, you can have the villa checked by an independent builder/constructor. This kind of constructor can do a thorough check up of the villa and add this in a report. In this way you know what you can expect, what kind of future items should be renovated or replaced.


One of such independent constructors is Bali Property Maintenance.

For IDR 5.000.000 they can do a full check of the villa of your choice. They will check the structure of the villa, ground & driveway, exterior surfaces, plumbing, roof inside and outside, etc.

The report consists of about 40 pages with the villa details and its current condition.


Are you intending to sell your villa, then it probably is also wise to have such a report available. We can send potential buyers your report or we can directly place it on our website so interested people can directly see what the condition of your villa is. This will give also trust to future buyers so they know what renovations can be expected in the near future or what should directly be replaced or renovated.


Bali Property Maintenance is offering their service to most large real estate brokers here in Bali.


Do you need to get more information, please click on the button below and contact them directly.

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